Bidgely Inc.

20278 Clay St
Cupertino, CA 95014-4401 United States


Bidgely is an AI-powered SaaS Company that enables utilities to create greater business value and accelerate our shared clean energy future by delivering personalized customer experiences. Powered by our unique patented disaggregation technologies, Bidgely's UtilityAI™ platform transforms multiple dimensions of customer data - such as energy consumption, demographic, and engagement - into deeply accurate and actionable consumer energy insights. We leverage these insights to empower both the utility and unique customers with personalized recommendations, tailored to their individual personality and lifestyle, usage attributes, behavioral patterns, propensity, and beyond. From high bills to proactive alerts, and smart thermostats to DERs, UtilityAI™ recommends new value-added insights, energy-efficient products, and aligned programs to the right customers at the right time.


  • Electricity
Technologies & Solutions
  • DI App
Regions Served
  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Latin America
  • North America