NANSEN S.A.Instrumentos de Precisao

NANSEN S.A.Instrumentos de Precisao Rua Jose Pedro Araujo no 960, CINCO
Contagem, MG, 32.341-560 Brazil


Nansen is a Brazilian company incorporated in the state of Minas Gerais, where its main facilities are located, and is recognized as an important player in the international energy metering market. The continuous search for excellence in the development of high-tech electronic solutions, powerful software tools, and services, turns Nansen a reference company in the Brazilian and Latin America markets. The energy meters, equipment and test instruments designed and produced by Nansen, as well as the system solutions offered for energy metering and management, plus the efficiency energy service, form the base of an organization profoundly involved in getting the highest return on investment for customers and stock holders.

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  • Latin America