UFD1000 Underground Fault Detection System
Athena Power, Inc.


The UFD1000 enables a number of applications within the underground distribution network that result in improved reliability, resiliency, safety, power quality, and tools for the integration of distributed generation.


  • Self-powered, wireless, and submersible sensor for underground distribution circuits
  • Can be connected to electrical gear, such as transformers, reclosers, or pad-mounted switchgears, vaults or manholes
  • Provides real-time information directly to the utility’s SCADA systems


  • Fault detection notifications regarding faults, directional fault, overloaded conditions and equipment failures
  • Provides bi-directional power flow and high-accuracy voltage monitoring, supporting integration of distributed generation
  • Delivers real-time RMS metrology, including power factor, harmonic analysis, and waveform capture
  • Overall improved power quality monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities