EnergyAI Edge


NET2GRID is an EnergyAI company which empowers energy utilities to become energy transition leaders by transforming energy data into highly accurate insights. Our partners in the USA include Powerley, AWS, GE Vernova, Gridx and Accelerated Innovations and our clients DTE. In Europe our clients include E.ON, EDP, EDF, and Maxeon. Our Real-Time EV charging detection application allows utilities to identify which customers own EVs and what charging level they use. This information can then be used to offer tailored EV charging tariffs and services to EV owners, which can increase customer satisfaction and help utilities better manage the grid.


  • Near real-time EV charging detection
  • Identification of the charger type (L1 or L2)
  • Identification of charging event start & stop time
  • Estimation of energy consumption (in kWh) per event
  • No interference or integrations are needed with solar installations or EV-charging poles
  • No customer opt-in required
  • Alerts through the Itron network


  • Estimate EV penetration and households having a L1 or L2 charger
  • Estimate typical charging time slots for specific segments
  • Identify EV owners that would benefit from a L1 to a L2 smart charger upgrade and introduce TOU tariffs and EV rate plans
  • Identify EV owners not optimally charging their EV and recommend shifting to off-peak hours
  • Manage the grid better, increase customer engagement and lower your cost to serve
  • Notify and educate your EV customers

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